Vault Wallet’s Three Layer Multi-Grade Security

Vault Wallet’s three Layer Multi-Grade Encryption with all assets securely offline ensuring maximum security for all customers assets and data.

Vault Exclusive KYC Wallet

“Vault Exclusive KYC Wallet” includes the process of Facial Verification, Identity Document Verification, AML Screening against international Watchlists, Sanctions Lists, Blacklists, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Adverse Media all powered by our compliance partner cCheck

Internal Transactions are Instantaneous

Internal transactions are instantaneously recorded on the Vault Wallet blockchain meaning the transactions get from A-Z with no unexpected hiccups. You can also say goodbye to high gas fees with our internal transactions capped at $1 for all tokens including Bitcoin & Ethereum.

At Vault Wallet we want to grow

At Vault Wallet we want to grow with the ever-growing regulatory conformities in the digital asset space and this is why we are striving for all customers to combine our state-of-the-art encrypted technology cold wallet technology with a Vault Exclusive KYC Wallet to strengthen not only our customers safety but the whole digital asset infrastructure.

Vault Wallet combines the security

Vault Wallet combines the security of our customers assets with an ethos which was implemented at the beginning of Vault’s journey as a digital wallet. Vault Wallet aims to achieve transparency at every level of the business-customer relationship so we can grow together in a secure environment. As the adoption of cryptocurrency continues to grow, we are striving to ensure that we do our part to ensure existing and new customers benefit from increased security measures along with the most intriguing features including the ability to exchange fiat to crypto within a digital wallet. Combined with our ability to purchase, send, receive, and store Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT’s) through the Vault NFT marketplace.

Vault Wallet Application Security

The Vault Wallet Application code follows a strict protocols and rigid structure to enhance and maintain the security of the whole application, the code is analysed daily to ensure all security measures are up to date.
If our FAQs don’t give you the support you want, Vault Wallet’s specialist customer support team provides 24/7 live support to all users within the app. At Vault Wallet we use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) throughout the whole application for multiple features such as sign-in and withdrawal.

Vault Wallet is a fully Encrypted Digital Cryptocurrency wallet allowing the customer to download our state-of-the-art application and open a cryptocurrency wallet in minutes to hold digital assets whilst being fully and solely in control of your wallet and responsible for evaluating your investments into various Cryptocurrency Tokens and NFTs. It’s important to remember that blockchain assets which you may purchase, or trade could fluctuate with an increase in value, or decrease in value which we are not responsible for.

We remind customers to always verify the wallet address with the customer that you’re intending to send assets to, and you should also ensure that it is sent using the correct network. Any investment into blockchain assets involves a risk of losing part or all of your investment. Guidance and advise can be found throughout but ultimately the decision lie with you as the owner.

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